Why (and how) should local businesses embrace video marketing?

Why (and how) should local businesses embrace video marketing?

Content Writer: Matt Rowe Matt Rowe Chief Technical Officer

Video marketing is an important part of a small business's marketing strategy because it can increase visibility and local SEO. SEO experts say that video marketing is becoming increasingly important for rankings in 2013. Below is some research about why video marketing is good for local businesses, as well as a few top tips for getting started with a video marketing strategy.

The case for video marketing 
In the realm of using content marketing to boost your local SEO, video marketing might be one of the best options. Why? Psychologist Dr. Susan Weinschenk recently told Forbes that there are some important reasons people are drawn to video.

Weinschenk said that voice contains rich information through things like tone, and our brains are wired to pay attention to faces in order to gather information and detect trustworthiness. Also, Weinschenk said that movement gets our attention. This seems basic, but if one thinks about the static nature of words on the page and compares it to the vibrant process that unfolds when people watch and interpret movement, they will realize the power of video. Lastly, she noted emotions tend to power people, and we find body language and facial expressions appealing.

Aside from the psychology of why people like videos, there is a lot of market research showing just how big the impact of video can be. Tech Crunch reported that comScore's 2012 U.S. Digital Future in Focus report found that in just one month (December 2011), Americans watched 43.5 billion online videos, and that in all of 2011, more than 105 million Americans reported watching online videos every day. Though this research is from 2011, one can surmise that the numbers of videos and viewers have increased drastically today. 

How to begin video marketing
First, small-business owners should consider their marketing needs and assess their budgets. This should help them determine whether hiring a firm is necessary and what goals they should set for their video marketing strategy, such as to increase site traffic, promote products or increase conversions.

Business owners should keep in mind that research shows a video is a flop if it fails to draw users in within 10 seconds.

When the video is ready, small-business owners should decide where they want to host it. Posting on YouTube or Bing Video could be a good plan because it can boost local search rankings on Google or Bing. Making video part of local search strategy is an important step in optimizing web presence.

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