Why it's important to optimize local search for mobile devices

Why it's important to optimize local search for mobile devices

Content Writer: Matt Rowe Matt Rowe Chief Technical Officer

Local search is quickly becoming a large part of the smartphone and tablet experience. People usually search local organizations when they are out and about with a mobile device in hand. Of course, there are many other ways that customers come in contact with brands through local search, but marketers shouldn't ignore the opportunities that mobile apps can open for spreading brand awareness. Larger companies that succeed in markets all across the world are pushing to start the localization process so target audiences can get in touch in their local communities, according to Search Engine Watch.

Knowing consumer trends
Investing in a mobile app is extremely beneficial to connecting with local audiences, but it requires marketers to have a strong sense of their ideal consumer base. Understanding what the target audience is like will help develop local search strategies and bring the brand to those willing to interact with it and maybe pursue the company's products or services. Incorporating local search apps on the company website and encouraging consumers to interact with the brand on their mobile devices could be key down the road when they use their devices to find a business within their area.

Increasing conversion rates
SEOmoz points out how important mobile search is, saying that mobile will soon lead the way in brand conversions. People can contact businesses straight from their local search results. SEOmoz gives the example of being able to call by simply pressing a button on the smartphone screen. In other words, the process is becoming increasingly simple. It may be time for companies to start thinking about a new keyword strategy as well, to better target mobile searches.

Because people are looking for convenience and streamlined local searches as they venture from point A to point B, marketers should plan how they can get recognized on Google searches and gain visibility on various local search apps. In addition, marketers should look into paid searches that target user contexts, says SEOmoz. A majority of local searches happen on mobile, and understanding when and where users search for companies on their smartphones will help develop a more direct local approach.

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