YouTube to have a greater effect on SEO

YouTube to have a greater effect on SEO

Content Writer: Matt Rowe Matt Rowe Chief Technical Officer

In an effort to become more relevant in local search, local SEO and page rank, YouTube recently overhauled its site to behave more like a social network platform.

How will the changes affect your company's YouTube channel? Hopefully, you already have a channel to begin with, as YouTube's popularity continues to soar. According to a November comScore report, 184 million U.S. internet users watched online video content in October, averaging 21.1 hours per viewer. Across the country, the internet audience viewed 42.6 billion videos, and 48 hours of video are uploaded to the site every minute.

Now that you understand YouTube's scope and how a viral video can potentially affect traffic to your company's channel and other web outlets, it's time to delve into how YouTube's site changes will affect your business.

Social Media Examiner reports that YouTube's homepage is now more clean and modern, with a Subscription Feed now prominently featured in the middle of the page. This area, strikingly similar to Facebook's ticker, offers the latest video content from subscribers instead of the most popular viral "cute baby" or "cat in a box" videos that tend to dominate the site.

In order to take advantage of this new layout, the news source suggests being active in your content updates - aim for a weekly video and vigorously attempt to respond to all comments, good or bad. Also, try to create a call to action from your audience, such as getting them to subscribe, rate, comment or share your videos.

The Channels page is also different, and now has more of an SEO focus. YouTube is making an effort to feature channels on search results pages for related keywords, so it's important to use your main keywords or phrases to be found during searches.

To properly optimize a channel page, the media outlet recommends setting a background image to reflect your brand, edit channel details such as title, description and tags using keywords, edit your featured video that autoplays when people view your channel and add links to your website and social media pages to drive traffic across multiple channels.

Lastly, YouTube Analytics (formerly YouTube Insight) offers details about audience retention, such as the exact moment users leave a video or rewind, and playback locations that determine if the video was viewed from a desktop, mobile or tablet. 

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