How Big Data Works for the Small Guy

Big data is coming. Marketing analytics utilize big data to increase marketing function, and accessible analytics can automate business functions around centralized data to create automated channel communications. A large portion of top-performing organizations currently use marketing analytics to gain initiative within marketing segments, and big data has been a key component.

Big data, itself, is data too large and complex to be aggregated within a single database. It’s an important factor for a promising future, and it will probably transform the marketing industry. While that statement seems pretty presumptuous, it really isn’t. After all, many organizations maintain the notion of customer data being the most expansive and pervasive data sources within their systems.

It’s Important, and You’ll Need Help

Big data is everywhere: It’s in operations, finance, sales, customer services and marketing, and marketers are often steering customer data ships to maximize and maintain top-line growth. With professional support and with a conservative apparatus, individuals can leverage data for customer engagement purposes. They can utilize data-driven results to power resolutions for market-related problems. has discovered a 5.5 percent slice of marketing budgets attributed to marketing analytics, and that statistic, they predict, will rise to roughly 8.7 percent within the next three years. “Expectations are running high, and many companies are trying to figure out how to crack the code to generate good strategic insight from the data,” stated.

The Platform, the Strategy and You

Marketing analytics—and big data—is everything. It’s used in software, technology and strategy, and it's gained attention due to technological advancement’s placement of real-time and affordable analytics within business owners’ hands. Now, those hands are shaking with marketers’ hands, and marketing analytics initiatives have created both structured and unstructured information for users. This information is accessible for analysis, visualization and business roles. In short: It’s marketable.

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