Using the Consumer's Problem to Drive Content

Using the Consumer's Problem to Drive Content

Content Writer: Mike Cook Mike Cook Senior Director of Sales Support & Marketing

Your business's target customer has a problem and your product or service is designed to solve it. This is the message that you need to convey in order to persuade the customer to assess your business and make a purchase.

The beginning phase of the marketing cycle is generally the courting period, when a business is sending an email marketing message that introduces your business's acquaintance with a problem the customer is experiencing. The problem is also known as a "pain point." These points are the inconveniences that a problem causes in the customer's personal or work life that interferes with accomplishing a goal.

It is important during the courting phase of the relationship to focus on using blog posts and other forms of marketing content to describe these problems, which is a strategy for forming a connection between the customer's life and your business's empathy for their situation. 

A photography studio that photographs people for professional and social media websites may focus on a pain point for the customer who lacks confidence that the photo will communicate the image she would like to present. If after the consumer views the marketing materials that cover the paint points, such as the importance of an online photo and the image it conveys, and is convinced that a business truly understands the struggles they have been experiencing, and may be able to offer a solution, they may move on to the next step in the buying process. They may be interested in an offer, a free guide on profile photo wardrobe and hairstyle enhancement, in exchange for submitting an email address or other demographic information, which would help strengthen the relationship with the business's product or service. 

A pain point is essentially a market niche, or an opening in the market that another business is not solving at all, not solving well, or the problem is so prevalent that multiple businesses are required to solve it. But an even more strategic approach to standing out beyond the competitors in your field is focusing on the details that only your business is focusing on. For example, if a photography studio offers a complimentary pre-portrait image, clothing and hairstyle consultation, and delivers the preliminary photo selections electronically in a mock professional or social media template, the feature would be a unique selling proposition that solves the customer's problem. Now the customer believes that the photo portrait studio not only understands his or her concern, but also has the intelligence to solve it effectively in a sensible way by eliminating the potential for a surprise negative outcome at the end.

Pain points are the foundation of a business because they form the basis for the consumer-business relationship. Not every company focuses its business model on solving pain points, but those that do have stronger and lengthier customer relationships. It is important to approach a business as a service because nothing enforces financial security more than consistently attuning to and solving a target customer's needs. Since it's the most important element of your business and the customer's primary concern in relationship to you, sincerely advertising it with content marketing materials that clearly explain your intention would be a welcomed departure from gimmick and shock-value marketing that disappear without a trace because it lacks substance. 

Be proud of your business's pain point solutions and use them to drive marketing content that will lead the recruitment of prospects with substance that converts. 

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