Why Having a Great Series of Marketing Emails Can Help Your Marketing Reach

Why Having a Great Series of Marketing Emails Can Help Your Marketing Reach

Content Writer: Mike Cook Mike Cook Senior Director of Sales Support & Marketing

As you may already know, having a solid email marketing list is an important part of any local internet marketing campaign. But once you have a subscriber sign up, what happens? Here are three reasons why having a great series of marketing emails can either make or break you.

Reason #1: Continued Contact

The biggest reason to have a great series of marketing emails ready to go is what is referred to as the "drip feed effect." This essentially means that once a subscriber signs up, they receive an email from your company on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. (You set the interval.) By having several emails that send in a particular order, you are able to build off the previous emails sent.

For example, the first email you send starts to tell a story about your business. At the end of the email, you add a "to be continued..." clause. The second email you send draws their attention, forcing them to open it because the want to hear the end of the story.

This continued contact allows you to reach your customer base in a logical order on a regular basis.

Reason #2: Availability for Organized Upsell

Another great reason to have a series of emails ready to go even before the first customer subscribes to your list is the availability for organized upsell. By having an upsell email as part of your series every so often, you are ensuring that everyone gets a copy of that email sent to their inbox.

For example, say your series has an upsell email as the third and eighth messages. You know they got the third email, so the eight allows you to build off that first email. This effectively works to make the message stronger, as it comes across in multiple parts.

Reason #3: Ability to Send "Breaking News" Updates

Of course, not everything on your email list or in your business is planned. It is still quite logical to send "breaking news" email updates to your whole list as events happen or new product arrives, no matter where each person is in the series of marketing emails.

By having a series of ten or more marketing emails ready to go, you are helping increase the number of emails that actually get opened on your email list and saving yourself a great amount of time.

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