Capture mobile local searches with proper optimization

Capture mobile local searches with proper optimization

Content Writer: Ben Dean Ben Dean Chief Data Officer

Consumers are interacting with brands on the go and companies need to capitalize on local searches on smartphones or tablets. Search Engine Watch supplied Google statistics pointing to the fact that 40 percent of mobile searches on the search engine are to find local businesses. People are trying to get in touch with or find out more information about organizations within their immediate vicinity, meaning companies need to make their mobile experience as easy as possible. Optimizing a company website with local SEO efforts will convert more leads into customers and keep the brand on the leading edge of innovation.

Local SEO increases visibility
Targeting a specific location creates more definition for the company and will make sure the website shows up in mobile searches, according to Search Engine Watch. The best way to do so is utilize location-specific keywords along with local business listings, ensuring maximum exposure. Because Google and Bing display their local listings before any other search listings, it's important that the company appears on the local listings and catches prospects' attention right away.

Invest now for the future
Investing in mobile is almost essential in today's marketing realm, because people are buying smartphones and tablets at an increasingly rapid rate. Brands have to be able to connect with their target audience via mobile and provide as high-quality an experience as they would on desktops. There are many opportunities to reach out to consumers on mobile devices, but this type of interaction is only going to grow. Employing a strong local SEO strategy for mobile will help businesses adapt to any future changes that may come their way in the search engine realm.

See higher conversion rates with mobile optimization
A Forbes article pointed out that not only are people looking to find businesses on local search, they may want to purchase goods offered on the company website. Mobile shopping is slowly but surely becoming a reality, and the latest innovations allow for users to have an adequate shopping experience on their phones. Giving prospects the opportunity to invest in products or services on the go with their smartphones is possible with local SEO efforts. Conversion rates can increase and the brand will garner a good rapport with buyers.

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