Consumer shift to mobile places greater emphasis on visibility

Consumer shift to mobile places greater emphasis on visibility

Content Writer: Marc Hawk Marc Hawk Chief Executive Officer

According to a recent report from BIA/Kelsey, nearly 70 percent of total mobile ad spend will be on local search by 2015.

That figure speaks to the importance of being visible on mobile searches, especially considering the rise of the "on-the-go" consumer, who is actively searching for businesses that sell the product or service he or she needs while on the road or en route instead of sitting at home on a desktop.

That statement is backed up by research from the U.S. Department of Commerce, which found that 96 percent of consumer retail purchases come from businesses within a 30-minute drive from their home, explains Business Insider. The media outlet adds a Google statistic which indicates that 40 percent of all mobile searches are for local information.

What does this mean for your business? Well, if you're not being seen on mobile devices, then you're missing out on significant revenue opportunities because your potential customers are now trying to find you through their smartphones.

Mobile Marketer notes that more than 50 percent of all local searches were conducted from mobile devices in 2011, meaning that mobile search has reached a "tipping point" of sorts.

"Say you are a towing company, an auto repair shop or a restaurant," the news source states. "You not only want to be found at that moment when someone is looking for your product or service, you need to be found. But are you being found?"

To determine this, you first need to do some keyword tests on a smartphone device using words or phrases that someone searching for your product or service might use. Tests should not only be of your company name, but also of categories that are topical for your business as well.

If you find that your business isn't present on mobile pages, consider setting up a paid search campaign that targets mobile devices. Ads should be placed "square in the face" of consumers at the very moment they're looking for your business, the media outlet notes. Ads should also display other store locations if applicable and a phone number for immediate contact.

The news source also suggests using SEO optimization techniques on your website to move up search engine results pages and making sure you're registered in local directories such as Google Places and review sites like Yelp.


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