Episodic videos perfect for mobile holiday campaign

Episodic videos perfect for mobile holiday campaign

Content Writer: Aaron Boggs Aaron Boggs President

Knowing how to actively engage potential consumers with mobile marketing campaigns for the holidays can result in increased revenue via both your ecommerce website and physical store.

One way that has already been proven effective on the smaller screen is the use to mobile video, Luxury Daily reports.

"In the early stages of mobile marketing, it has been established that video content is an excellent mobile engagement tool in the brand marketing portfolio and I only see that continuing to increase in popularity," Scott Forshay, director of mobile strategy for Austin, Texas-based Morpheus Media, told the news source.

He added that content which chronicles the creative process behind, say, holiday window displays or the creation of a holiday collection act as engaging video that can be uniquely suited for mobile devices and provide the user with a sense of connectivity toward the brand.

What types of video content work best on this medium? Flash-heavy media won't cut it on a mobile device, as you risk bogging down users with loading times. Also, longer isn't necessarily better when it comes to mobile video - instead, the news source recommends creating content that's short in length - typically around one minute long - and has an episodic theme.

If your company doesn't have the resources or time to create new video content, you may want to consider alternatives to keep users engaged, such as constantly refreshing product offerings. There will be heavier traffic on ecommerce sites throughout the holidays, and seeing a stagnant mobile page with the same products may be a turn-off.

Another option is promoting holiday-specific items that can only be found via mobile devices. This tactic will incentivize consumers to use their smartphones to make purchases or receive certain benefits such as free shipping or gift wrapping paper on mobile orders.

Marketers should be aware, however, that many consumers would rather make important holiday purchases in-store, and may simply be using the mobile site to conduct research. In that case, inserting a store locator - preferably one with geo-location technology - can be a helpful addition to guide a consumer to your brick-and-mortar location to make a purchase.

Mobile Commerce Daily reports that Gap recently rolled out its mobile campaign for the holidays, combining with Visa to offer tailored discounts and promotions based on a user's location.