How to Increase Mobile User Engagement

How to Increase Mobile User Engagement

Content Writer: Ben Dean Ben Dean Chief Operating Officer

With the growing amount of users responding to online marketing through mobile devices, catering to this crowd has become increasingly important.

Keeping up with the competition these days requires a little ingenuity; having a mobile-friendly site is only one piece of the puzzle. But with some forward thinking, it's possible to convince users that good things do, indeed, come in small packages.

Strip It Down

Offering a site that simply scales up or down (mobile-friendly) isn't enough to capture and keep the attention of mobile users. Most of the time, the content that is appropriate for display on a desktop is not going to meet mobile needs. Users can become easily frustrated and navigate away if they have difficulty entering information, moving between elements, or evaluating your site.

To prevent this, consider offering a mobile adaptive design. This will allow you to remove any unnecessary fields from form-fills, make sure that navigation tools are easy to use accurately, and serve up a page that is truly geared to the mobile experience.


The advent of engaging, entertaining mobile apps has placed more of a demand than ever on mobile sites to live up to the hype. Mimicking the level of interaction that users have come to expect from these apps is one way of engaging them. By offering contests, giveaways, or other 'gaming' elements, you can take advantage of this expectation.

You may even want to consider building an app for your own business as an option. Often, this kind relationship can open up opportunities for point-building systems that translate into rewards for users, and keep them coming back for more.

Allowing interaction with content instead of just providing a static wall of information also gives readers a reason to spend longer on your site. Offer polls and crowdsource ideas to reap a secondary benefit from this feature; free marketing solutions.

Sharing is Nice

Make sure that your content is appealing and easy to share. Giving users the opportunity and incentive to pass your site along to others using their social networks increases visibility exponentially.  Placing these cues in relevant places also makes a difference--sharing and social networking icons are especially effective when offered on confirmation or 'out' pages. This way, the prompt to share comes at the most relevant time, when the user has already been compelled enough to complete an action.


There are other easy ways to take advantage of the mobile format--consider using GPS elements to pinpoint user location for navigation, or adding a component that incorporates use of their camera device--the possibilities are endless. Most importantly, remember that a simple and engaging user experience counts more here than anywhere else.

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