Jack in the Box bacon ad goes mobile

Jack in the Box bacon ad goes mobile

Content Writer: Marc Hawk Marc Hawk Chief Executive Officer

Do you love bacon? Many people do. But what would you say if given the opportunity to marry it?

That's what fast-food chain Jack in the Box (JITB) is hoping to answer in its the recently released mobile marketing campaign for its new line of BLT cheeseburgers, Mobile Marketer reports.

The campaign targets young, tech-savvy males, with the slogan "Love bacon? Marry it."

"We are definitely looking into other opportunities in the mobile space as Jack in the Box expands their digital efforts," said Nick Fletcher, deputy vice president of marketing communications at JITB, as quoted by the media outlet.

The TV commercial features a man who marries a piece of bacon, while the mobile component involves a microsite that allows you to not only watch the clip, but also test your love for bacon by pressing on a touch-sensitive skillet.

Mobile calls-to-action are also included in the site, and the restaurant plans to add an SMS component that sends messages to you if you've opted into its loyalty program.

Canadian Business explains that during the Super Bowl, many companies - including JITB - used hashtags in their ads. However, MarketingProfs notes that because hashtag campaigns are hard to measure, a mobile call to action would make for a better marketing tactic.

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