Make sure your mobile landing page is optimized

Make sure your mobile landing page is optimized

Content Writer: Matt Rowe Matt Rowe Chief Technical Officer

Asian restaurant chain P.F. Chang's recent mobile marketing campaign falls flat for a few key reasons that you should remember to keep in mind when starting your own mobile initiative.

Mobile Marketer reports that Chang's campaign runs through Pandora, enticing users to click on banner ads to take them to a company landing page.

However, the page itself is not optimized for mobile phones, forcing users to pinch and zoom in order to view landing page features and play videos - an aspect that should have been taken care of by Chang's campaign staff prior to launch.

What's more, the banner ads offer "20 Lunch Combos Under $10," and tell consumers to find the nearest restaurant location to take advantage of the deal. However, there's no "Find a location" feature on the mobile landing page, forcing users to open a new page to complete a search.

While you probably shouldn't emulate Chang's mobile efforts, the restaurant also recently used social media for a far more effective offering, Target Marketing magazine explains. Its "Year of the Dragon" initiative uses Facebook to share a story while acquiring consumers' email and street address information.

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