Mobile email to surpass web by 2013

Mobile email to surpass web by 2013

Content Writer: Matt Rowe Matt Rowe Chief Technical Officer

According to a recent report from Return Path, email opens on smartphones and tablets grew by 82.4 percent over the past year, Mobile Marketer reports. This marked growth points to an eventual mobile email takeover as soon as 2013.

"The big news is that mobile will surpass both web mail and email desktop clients as the platform of choice to view emails - and we think this will happen as early as the end of this June, definitely by end of 2012," said Tom Sather, senior director of email research at Return Path, New York, as quoted by the news source. "For email marketers the implications are huge."

If you're in the marketing business you're probably already aware of the effect mobile and tablet devices are having on the way people digest information. Smartphones are getting faster and can sync with email accounts users previously had to wait to check until they could access a computer. Now, people are more connected to the daily happenings of their inboxes, and because of mobile's accessibility, they're checking mail on these devices more and more.

Researchers also found that mobile email readership has grown from around 10 percent a few years ago to 30 percent today. Unfortunately, analytics for mobile email are still lagging.

"Many marketers still are not tracking how many emails are read on mobile devices, and have yet to implement a mobile strategy," said Sather, as quoted by the media outlet. "For those that are not tracking which device their subscribers are reading their emails on, or if they are not optimizing their emails or websites for mobile devices, they are already missing out on opportunities."

Specifically, 48 percent of marketers reported that they don't know how many subscribers they have.

This could be mitigated by signing up for Google Analytics. Back in November, the search engine giant reported on its blog that it added mobile ad performance metrics to its option menu. Tablets were added to the fold as well.

"As more users are moving toward mobile and the use of tablets and mobile devices these reports will give businesses more insight on what their customers need and want," the blog posted stated.

Unsurprisingly, Return Path researchers found that Apple devices account for the majority (85 percent) of email opens, notes Mobile Marketer. Email opens via iPad rose by 53.6 percent over the past year, which only emphasizes the importance of optimizing your emails and webpages for the smaller screen. 

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