Mobile marketing doesn't necessarily need to involve big-name social platforms

Mobile marketing doesn't necessarily need to involve big-name social platforms

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When marketers think of mobile marketing solutions, they tend to immediately gravitate toward involving popular social sites - such as Facebook, Twitter or foursquare - in some way, in order to drive traffic.

This may be a good starting point, but before you dive in and spend money on initiating a mobile social presence, take a step back and determine a marketing program that makes sense for you and your business, Marketing Profs advises.

"Always think about the value you provide to your audience," Mario Schulzke, founder of IdeaMensch, tells the news source. "Focus on the fundamentals. Respectfully communicate with your customers via all channels. Don't pretend to be something you're not, and do the right thing."

Understanding your audience will give you a better understanding of which marketing campaigns or tactics will have the greatest return on investment.

One way to do this, explains global SEM and digital advertising lead for Xbox at Microsoft, Barbara Williams, is to simply leave your desk and observe people.

"Go to the store, go to the mall, go out to dinner and sit back and watch people," Williams recommends. "Just watch. Old school. And you see everyone is on their devices and they are spending quite a bit of time on their devices and they're not making phone calls necessarily and they are not just doing SMS. They are doing a lot of things."

What are the people you're trying to attract in your marketing campaign doing specifically? Are they texting? Playing games? Knowing what your target audience likes to do on their phones can greatly impact the direction you take in your campaign.

Also, as stated earlier, there's no immediate need to jump into the more prominent social channels - there are alternatives. For instance, email marketing.

The American Express OPEN Forum explains that email marketing can involve sending monthly newsletters, offering discounts that can be redeemed in-store via a mobile device and developing a call-to-action. These are all better bets for success if your audience isn't necessarily social media savvy.

Blogs work well too, as long as they're optimized to fit a mobile device. They are a free way to attract audiences and make for easy reading while people are traveling via public transportation, on a lunch break or enjoying other leisure time.

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