Mobile provides opportunity for stronger feedback

Mobile provides opportunity for stronger feedback

Content Writer: Marc Hawk Marc Hawk Chief Executive Officer

Typically, customers use sites such as Yelp or respond to email or online surveys to give feedback about a product or service, usually over their personal computers.

But with the rise of mobile technology, the feedback gap between purchase and review can be shortened significantly.

"The ease of implementation of easy-to-use mobile feedback systems allows virtually any organization to gather data when they can most effectively use it to make business decisions that can significantly affect performance," writes Ken Kimmel for Mobile Marketer.

By viewing feedback over smartphone devices, you can address issues guests bring up on review sites before they even affect other customers. Also, mobile feedback response acts a great way to invite satisfied customers to subscribe to your email newsletter, catching them while they're still feeling good about your product.

Engaging the consumer at the point-of-sale is key for more accurate, targeted feedback. As such, your company may benefit from a technology called PollVaultr, created by three Harvard students, which allows businesses to collect data directly at the cash register using an iPad, Mass High Tech reports.

"It's simply too hard for a customer to enter a [survey] URL from a receipt," cofounder Merrill Lutsky told the news source. "We want to put the survey right in front of them at the point of sale."

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