New ad options for mobile

Marketers are moving beyond placing static ads on mobile applications that disrupt the flow of a game or app. As mobile evolves and marketers become smarter and more savvy to users' needs, better thought-out advertising options are bound to emerge. 

Mobile Marketer points to four increasingly popular solutions that you could use to optimize your mobile ads and receive greater return on investment.

They include social calls to action, full-page ads, contextual ads and pre-click engagement.

For instance, a recent study from New York-based Rhythm NewMedia found mobile ads that incorporate some form of social connectivity perform better than ads without social integration. Specifically, ads with social calls to action increased consumer interactivity by 57 percent.

"Mobile is a great activation channel that complements marketers' other social media efforts," Lisa Abramson, director of marketing at Rhythm NewMedia, told the news source. "There is really a great synergy between mobile and social and great benefits to be had by doing these two things together."

Researchers found that mobile users in general are more inclined to use social networks than other consumers. As such, 67.7 percent of mobile users were found to use Facebook at least once per day, compared to 54 percent of Facebook's overall user base.

Another option you may consider is full-page ads. These tend to be more effective than small banner ads that can get in the way of games and app functions. Full-screen ads are also better received if they're placed at a natural transitioning point in the application that doesn't disrupt play.

In that same vein, making those ads more contextual to the app or game that's being used can increase conversions.

GigaOM points to a mobile advertising startup called TapMe, which allows brands to sponsor things such as power-ups within games. An example of this would be obtaining health or endurance from an item sponsored by Gatorade. It has some sort of contextual meaning, making the person more likely to actually buy the product.

Finally, Mobile Marketer explains that ads which contain some form of pre-click engagement are looked at more favorably by users. California-based Goldspot found ads that feature animation, video or other form of rich media increased clickthrough rates by 0.2 and 0.5 percent.

Chevrolet recently rolled out an interactive banner ad campaign for its new Silverado truck. It allows users to tap on banners to view a video inside the ad, as well as providing the option to like the brand on Facebook.

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