QR campaign essentials

A barcode (or QR code) mobile marketing campaign can help inform your audience, enlighten current and prospective customers and enhance the human experience as it relates to your business, MarketingProfs explains.

However, if you don't have a strong strategy to back up your intentions, it's unlikely that your QR code campaign will succeed.

"Smart marketing strategy must be the driver behind every one of those jagged black-and-white boxes, else your mobile barcode campaign is just another gimmick that says to your customers, 'We're on to the next big thing, but not quite there yet,'" the news source explains.

A recent study from Chadwick Martin Bailey revealed that while 81 percent of people have seen a QR code before, only 21 percent knew what it was called, and 46 percent scanned because they were curious, not necessarily because they knew what it was.

This points to the importance of creating awareness of QR codes within your campaign. MarketingProfs explains that this can include a short reminder of how to use them with instructions below the barcode, a link to a scanner app if a user hasn't already downloaded one and an idea of what happens after the person scans.

Another reason to choose a barcode campaign, according to CMB, is that about one in five people who scanned a code made a purchase after the scan. What's more, 70 percent of those who have scanned QR codes said it was easy and 41 percent stated the information they received was useful.

A successful campaign should reward consumers for taking the time to scan the code. Consider giving away coupons, discounts, VIP sales, contest invitations, instructional videos or unreleased details about upcoming events or products. This will make the scanning process worth the consumer's time and encourage them to scan for additional prizes or information in the future, building brand loyalty.

Also, make sure you stretch your barcode initiative across all channels - mobile, display ads, television, radio, website, etc. This creates consistency.

Finally, always consider security with these sorts of campaigns to ensure that hackers can't redirect a scanned code to a malicious site such as a virus-laden web page or a competitor's pop-up ad. One instance of this could turn the consumer off not only the campaign, but your products in general going forward. 

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