The benefits of mobile click-to-call functionality

The benefits of mobile click-to-call functionality

Content Writer: Marc Hawk Marc Hawk Chief Executive Officer

As a mobile advertiser, how can you utilize the most basic function on everybody's smartphone - the phone call?

Mobile click-to-call ads can be an extremely effective form of mobile advertising depending on your type of business, explains Mobile Marketer. They create a one-on-one relationship with the consumer and can be especially useful if a potential customer is conducting a local search for an item and is nearby your store.

"Sometimes on a smartphone that can do so many sophisticated things, it is easy to forget that the best solution for a marketer can often be the simplest one," Brendon Kraham, team manager of global mobile sales and strategy at Google, told the news source.

Click-to-call advertising is more effective for companies looking to drive sales in a traditional way.

For instance, the ads work best in the finance, education, automotive, electronics and travel industries because they offer more intricate products that customers may have questions about. Allowing a quick way to contact a representative via phone can mean the difference between a sale and a missed opportunity.

Another industry that can get great use out of click-to-call is the ticketing sector.

For example, Cirque Du Soleil was recently able to promote its Zumanity show in New York by running mobile ads within Pandora's iPhone app that encouraged users to buy tickets, the media outlet notes in a separate article. Click-to-call functionality was integrated and let consumers book the tickets straight from the phone. It even automatically dialed the box office number after the ad was clicked.

"Automatically connecting a consumer to the show's box office is a smart move for the company and provides an easy way for users to book their tickets," the media outlet explains.

Customer service can also be enhanced by click-to-call. It can eliminate the need for users to fill out a form in order to contact a company or business about an issue. Sometimes, the specific problem may not be stated in the form, increasing the frustration of consumers.

Finally, it's recommended that marketers take into account the smaller size of the mobile screen when initiating this advertising technique. Placement and simplicity is key.

"It has to be simple for the end user," Alexey Aylarov, founder and CEO of London, England-based Zingaya, told the news source. "The best thing you can do is to make it simple and place the call to action in the right place because on smartphones, there can be a lot of content to fit on a small screen."

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