The Changing Mobile Market

The Changing Mobile Market

Content Writer: Ben Dean Ben Dean Chief Data Officer

It’s time to consider mobile marketing, and it’s time to understand relevant statistics surrounding the expanding industry’s access points.

According to Emarketer, consumers will spend an average of 82 minutes per day on mobile phones, and the growing portion has excluded talk time. With app usage, internet access, music and gaming technologies, average consumers have repeatedly focused upon mobile devices for daily recreation, communication and shopping.

Ecommerce and the Mobile Generation

When advertising is considered, likely consumer purchases proctored through mobile devices have attributed to a massive portion of ecommerce. Similarly, when advertising is considered, touch screens have created innovative environments for online marketers, and many companies are considering the opportunities.

“Although checking a website on a smartphone for product information in stores is now more common than asking a salesperson, human interaction while shopping has not yet been universally replaced by technology.” – Euromonitor International.

Where’s the Mobile Media Time Spent?

While marketers observe a vast majority of online consumer visitation through mobile devices, staying informed about these dynamics is vital to online marketing success. When it comes to mobile Internet access, two major realms exist:

  • Mobile websites
  • Applications

Understanding consumer preference helps marketers project advertisement campaigns, and differentiating opportunities between these two spheres is a major asset. Mobile strategy includes a grasp upon mobile media time, and Smart Insights has revealed the following information:

  • Consumer preference for mobile applications accounts for 89 percent of mobile media time
  • Social networks are accessed, primarily, through accommodating applications
  • New applications rise at dramatic rates

Making the Shift, and Into the Future

Mobile devices have taken control of the Internet, overpowering desktop access since 2012. Industry leaders intending to impact the online market should consider consumer preference, and a wealth of information is readily available across many databases. While consumer products and services haven’t changed much, an industry’s doorway is vital to facilitate growth. Contrary to the popular saying, if you can’t lead a horse to water, it won’t be able to drink.

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