It's Time to Take Advantage of PPC

Ever since becoming the top search engine, Google has constantly tested its search engine results page (SERP). The company experiment with new products and new layouts among others. However, many recently noticed that Google's SERP’s core appearance is dramatically different. Check and you will see that both product listing ads and images have become more prominent than ever. Another discernible difference is that the Pay per Click (PPC) ads are against a white background labeled “ad(s) in orange color.

More changes may soon take place in the coming months. There is one thing that is sure though: Google has given great importance to ads. This is why as a manager or company owner, you should start focusing on your PPC ads.

Google is on Your Side

Just a few months ago, PPC ads were in a shaded background, allowing the users to easily distinguish them from the search results. With the SERP change, the PPC ads are now in less noticeable background shading. It is easy to confuse them with listings, since they resemble the search results more than the actual ads.

According to, this change can cause the links to receive more clicks than they used to. Instead of the old look of PPC ads, they no longer look like ads themselves, but are actually similar to search listings on Google and their expanded website links. You may think that this is just another ploy for Google to earn more income, but as a company owner, you have benefits waiting as well.

Benefiting from the SERP Change

When a consumer searches for your brand, your product, or anything that is related to your business, your PPC campaign will dominate the search results. This is why the time to give attention to your PPC efforts is now. It does not matter if your company is not well known yet.

There may have been others that are at the top of the search results page, but your PPC ad will push them down. As you lead them further down the page, consumers see your brand first. There is a huge possibility that they will click on your PPC campaign. More clicks can mean more income on your part.

Top Techniques to Try

For your AdWords account, make sure that you implement Ad Extensions to help you protect your position before it starts to decline. PLAs are also important especially if you are also in the e-commerce space. Enable this by first having a Google Merchant Center account and then you can include product images, price, and your brand into your ads.

Meanwhile, if you are running a remarketing campaign, try experimenting on dynamic remarketing from Google. This will allow you to create personalized ads and send them to any visitor who has been on your product page before.

Some say that PPC is not important, but the truth remains that this is a crucial element in marketing campaigns these days. Give it more focus and you will surely reap the benefits.

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