Preparing a Newsletter that Connects

Email newsletters are far from being a thing of the past. As businesses continue to experience great influxes of new customers with content marketing and online-oriented virtual shops, you will want to stay connected and relevant to your customer base. For every time you fail to stay in touch with your audience, a competitor has the chance to steal them away.

Flaunting You – It’s What You do Best

Your perspective, your experience and your personality are some of the most important things you offer to a potential customer. With so many articles and information on the internet, anyone can appear to have the same level of knowledge. To gain trust, you will have to go beyond that by showing a personal side of yourself that really connects with the reader.

What You Offer Your Reader

Personality can’t be the only thing you provide, however. Authoritative articles that provide value to a customer in some way must also be a part of your newsletter. Give pointers, tips or advice that your target audience will find relevant to their lifestyle.

  • Tell a personal story to make yourself relatable
  • Note important business milestones to show company progress
  • Announce local events to promote participation in the community
  • Give advice or tips that your audience will find helpful and unique

By providing a range of interesting articles, your audience will stay interested and not feel like you are pushing your services or overstaying your welcome in their inbox.

Leading Onward with Click-Throughs

According to Curata’s “Curation Habits Report 2012,” articles successful in attracting readers to click-through were neither too long nor too short. Curata found that the optimal length that encouraged a click were longer than 150 characters, but shorter than 1,200 characters.

Linking your website, pages, blog articles and other resources to your newsletters is important for leading clients back to the main focus—sales. Converting your target audience happens only when they are able to easily access your product and are convinced of its value. A major part of proving you have a valuable product is proving you are a valuable business leader. This can be achieved through successful email marketing.

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