Google Introduces Click-to-Message Ads

Google Introduces Click-to-Message Ads

Content Writer: Erica Flinn Erica Flinn Senior Paid Advertising Manager

Google is rolling out a new AdWords ad extension to make it easier for customers to contact your business! The extension will allow customers to click your ad and send you a text message.
Google is calling ads that use this extension click-to-message ads and they will work similarly to ads that have a click-to-call button. In fact, it looks like you can have both extensions enabled in the same ad, which will allow consumers to choose how they want to contact you.

How do click to message ads work?

If a consumer searches and sees one of your ads with a click-to-message button, they can tap the button and send you a text message. It’s that easy. And setting up message extensions in AdWords just involves enabling the extension for a specific campaign and adding a little information in the AdWords extensions tab.
You will need to use a phone that is able to send and receive SMS messages, and the consumer will have to search from a device with the same capabilities.
The extension opens the searcher’s default SMS app when they tap the button, so they won’t need to add any extra apps.

What can click-to-message ads do for your local business?

This new extension is exciting because it is designed to increase ad conversion rates and make it easier for local businesses to communicate with consumers.
If there are a few questions people call and ask all the time, you could type up a standard text response, save it as a template in your SMS app or as a note in your phone so that you have quick answers ready for those text messages.

What types of businesses can use click-to-message ads?

Ads with the click-to-message extension can be great for most local businesses!
Whether you are wanting to try a new way to get leads, you don’t always have the time to answer your phone, you want customers to be able to book a reservation via smartphone or you cater to a younger crowd of Generation Z or Millennials who don’t like talking on the phone, click-to-message ads can be great for your business.
Here are a few ways businesses can use click-to-message ad extensions:
This is an exciting change for businesses that have no receptionist and can’t always get to the phone. If your business has trouble getting to the phone, you’ll be able to add click-to-message extensions to your ads and respond to the customer when you are available.
Some business owners in the home services industry prefer to get a text instead of a phone call, especially while on the job (in many cases they are literally on top of a roof). Now, the customer can simply text you. You can reply later, when you’re not risking life and limb to talk to someone.
Click-to-message ads could also be great for local businesses during the busy holiday season, as you might not always have time to answer the phone. You probably will, however, be able to answer a text from a customer who is just wanting to know what time you close or if you have a specific item in stock.
Businesses that offer appointments and reservations can benefit from ads with the click-to-message extension as well, since you’ll be able to schedule appointments for services or reservations for dinner through a text.
If your business caters to a younger crowd, ads with the click-to-message button could be extremely beneficial for you, as texting is the most popular way (52 percent) way Millennials and Generation Z communicate via mobile devices, while actually talking on the phone is the least popular way (only 4 percent).
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