Shop the Look: What You Should Know About Google's New Search Ads

Shop the Look: What You Should Know About Google's New Search Ads

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Google has begun testing an exciting new ad format for e-commerce stores. The search company is calling the new format "shop the look ads," a visual experience that allows fashion bloggers to create clothing and home decor sets (which become ads). The ad can then be broken down into its many items when a searcher clicks it.

What are shop the look ads?

Shop the look ads were created as a part of Google’s Fashion Week experiment, which allows searchers to immerse themselves in the world of fashion, from designers to their clothing, right in the search results.
Shop the look ads show up (only on mobile devices for now) for certain fashion and home decor Google searches. 
For instance, if a user searches for “cocktail attire” they could be shown ads with images of a fashion blogger or model wearing a complete cocktail hour outfit.
The ads display as a carousel, and searchers can swipe through the carousel to explore outfits. Once the user finds an outfit they like, they can click on it to see either exact or similar matches for each item. And searchers can purchase the items in shop the look ads directly from the search results! Pretty cool, right?
The images are sourced from bloggers, brands and (a platform that allows bloggers to make money from their social media posts).
Shop the look ads are PPC (pay per click) meaning that you will pay for each ad click.


Source: Google AdWords blog

Who can create shop the look ads?

So far, Google has partnered with a few companies such as Polyvore and Curalate to create shop the look ads, but it looks like anyone (in fashion or home decor) can at least optimize their ads for the new format.
To do this, log in to your AdWords account. Once you’re logged in, create a shopping campaign. Finally, optimize your bids to show up on mobile devices. I should mention though, that even if you do optimize your ads for shop the look, there's no way to know for sure that Google will display them in the shop the look section.

Why should you care about shop the look ads?

For fashion and home decor retailers, this is an exciting opportunity to have items displayed in sets that have already been created. Searchers who want to recreate an entire set can click your product and buy directly from the search results. It's an easy way for your items to be featured in these curated ad images.
So far, shop the look ads are a limited test. However, if Google receives positive feedback from the companies that are currently using the ads, it's possible that the test will become permanent and expand to more companies (and more industries).
If the test is expanded to other industries, all e-commerce shops could potentially get in on the shop the look action.
For now, it's difficult to tell when a campaign has been displayed as a shop the look ad, but if the test expands, this will probably change. So, keep an eye out for updates!
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