Get More Reviews With Mobile Deep Linking

Get More Reviews With Mobile Deep Linking

Content Writer: David Jackson David Jackson Senior Director of Technology Enablement
So, you’re being found when a customer searches for your business. That’s good, but it’s only the beginning. Consumers want to be informed before committing to a purchase, service or experience. And they don’t just want to hear from your grandma, neighbor and Uncle Chuck in Denver. People want to see authentic reviews from their friends and family. So, they turn to review websites like Yelp, Facebook and Google.
That's where review marketing comes in.
A steady flow of great reviews on these major review sites can ensure a steady flow of new customers to your business. In fact, 79 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Seems like a good reason to work for more stars, if you ask us. Who doesn’t love getting a gold star?

Why is it so difficult to get reviews on Google, Yelp and Facebook?

A number of things can make it difficult for small and medium businesses to get direct reviews on Google, Yelp and Facebook:
  • Account needed to write a review: Many would-be reviewers do not have profiles on Google, Yelp or Facebook and cannot leave a review until they create one.
  • Log-in required: For users with an account, there can still be obstacles, particularly with forgotten passwords. (I know it’s around here somewhere!)
  • Multiple reviews from the same device blocked: You can’t just hand your customer an iPad and have them log-in to, say, Facebook to write a review because soon all reviews coming from that device may be blocked or your reviews could be flagged and removed.
  • Leaving a review on mobile not intuitive: Reviewing a business on Google using a mobile device has long been a pain. Thankfully, Google recently changed this.
To borrow a line from car buying giant CarMax, “There’s gotta be a better way.”

Say hello to deep linking.

In the context of reputation management, deep linking is the ability to direct a user past the home page of a mobile application to specific content. Think of it like going directly to the source. Instead of taking the customer to a search page and relying on them to look up your business, deep linking cuts out the middleman.
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We’re particularly interested in mobile deep links; powerful connections with your local business listings used to open an app on your smartphone and send users to a specific piece of content. Say, for example, your business’s Yelp profile.


In this Ask A Dev episode, Android engineer Eric Brynsvold provides us with an easy-to-understand explanation of deep linking.
Deep linking overcomes barriers to getting direct reviews by:
  • Seamlessly connecting customers to your business on Yelp, Google and Facebook
  • Bypassing the need for logging in, as most users are already logged in to their accounts on mobile apps
  • Streamlining the flow of reviews by automatically detecting which apps are installed on the customer's smartphone
Just like RevLocal, deep linking has grown up with the Internet. The concept of deep linking first emerged in 2006 to describe the growing practice of providing search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo with a way to index websites deeper than just the home page. With the adoption of smartphones and the launch of mobile applications, deep linking continued to evolve as consumer demand for easy access to information grew.

How to use deep linking to get more reviews.

Honestly, we’re pretty excited about what this breakthrough feature means for our review marketing clients. We’ve unleashed the power of mobile deep linking by integrating this feature with our Renown platform's innovative review generation strategy using industry-leading features like automated review request emails and SMS text messages. This means your business can get customer reviews directly on Google, Yelp and Facebook easier than ever before!
Our deep linking feature allows you to engage with your current and past customers on Apple and Android smartphones and tablets. It helps your business generate positive reviews while making sure your brand is protected online.

Deep linking in action.

Let’s put ourselves in the customer's shoes. Say you’re at the local auto repair shop getting your oil changed. During your service appointment, the staff asks you to check in using the Renown Check-In feature. The next day, you receive a text message on your iPhone asking how your experience was at the shop. If you recommended the business, Renown does a quick check of your phone apps and loads the business’s Yelp profile for you to quickly leave a review and be on your way.
And that’s all there is to it! Your business is now well on its way to getting direct reviews on Google, Yelp and Facebook using mobile deep linking. Ready to learn more about how mobile deep linking can help your small business get more reviews? Contact us to see how Renown can help.



I thought "Renown" was only available to large websites. I have personally always been asked to respond to level of service received from a Rep whenever I request answers on a product in Chat sites which I think is quite a good idea since it keeps everyone on their toes.

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