The Best Super Bowl Ads of 2015

The Best Super Bowl Ads of 2015

Content Writer: Cory Miller Cory Miller Senior Manager of Brand Creative
Super Bowl Ads

Even though we’re a digital marketing agency, we don’t mind taking a back seat to television advertising once a year. Plus, we like to spend our Sundays at leisure. The TV guys can have it. Sharing the couch with nachos and a beer thirst quenching Coca-Cola sounds pretty nice.

Last night, the Super Bowl returned to NBC for the first time since 2012. And while the soothing tone of Al Michaels’ voice and Katy Perry’s ninja powered robotic Mufasa were reason enough to watch, there were also a bunch of companies spending $4.5 million on 30-second ad spots. Let that number sink in for a second.

Oh, and there was also a football game. Here's a recap: Tom Brady became the greatest quarterback of all time because Seattle made the worst play call of all time. Congrats, New England.

But you’re not here for sports and stuff. You’re here for what actually matters – the best of the best in Super Bowl advertising (if that’s also not why you’re here then I’m sorry, you’re probably lost and should ask someone for directions). Last night about 200 million people tuned in. Which still doesn’t justify $4.5 million for 30 seconds of glory, but hey it’s their money, not ours.

Here's our list of winners from last night:

The Best “It's time to trade in your ’98 Civic.” Ad:

This category celebrates the best in automobile advertising.
Winner: Dodge, "Wisdom"

As usual, automobile manufactures were battling for your attention on Super Bowl Sunday. And while there were some pretty good spots (BMW’s “Newfangled Idea” and Toyota’s “How Great I Am”), Dodge takes the checkered flag here. Maybe it’s because the other automobile ads seemed to run together, but Dodge’s celebration of its 100th anniversary was bad to the bone. We hope everyone featured in this commercial still has their license – that would make it all the better. Oh, and there was also fact that a 100-year-old guy telling 200 million people, “Don’t bit*h!”This is what America is all about.

The Best “Battle to be the number one dad.” Ad

This category celebrates the best in dad-vertising.
Winner: Dove Men+Care, "#RealStrength"

It was the year of the dads. We’re not sure why there were so many dad ads, but they all seemed to work. Dove Men+Care’s brilliant spot explored a magic we’re all familiar with, dad strength. Whether he’s watching you dive, providing bathroom assistance or rescuing you from an embarrassing effort on the monkey bars, Dove Men+Care shows us why dads rule.

The Best “OMG! That's SO cute!” Ad:

This category celebrates the best in ads that tugged at our hearts.
Winner: Budweiser, "Lost Dog"

Puppies and Clydesdales! We need more puppies and Clydesdales! Budweiser did it again. We' not any closer to buy its beer, but we are seriously contemplating adopting a puppy. Budweiser’s Lost Dog ad breaks our heart and puts the pieces back together just in time. It’s like Homeward Bound all over again.

The Best “What is going on right now? Ad: 

This category celebrates the most unusual ad of the night.
Winner: Loctite, "Positive Feelings"

What sells glue better than electronic dance music, fanny packs and weirdly suggestive dancing? Nothing, apparently. This truly bizarre ad by Loctite gets a little funnier every time you watch it. Loctite’s ad cost roughly what it spends on marketing per year, so they really rolled the dice on this one. Did you catch the lyrics? The song is actually about glue. In a down year for funny Super Bowl ads, Loctite secured a win.

The Best “I can't believe they just did that.” Ad:

This category celebrates the most controversial ad of the night.
Winner: Nationwide, "Boy"

Well, this ad will probably be the most talked about ad of the night, and that's not a good thing. Nationwide's attempt at a public service announcement seemed out ill-timed and in poor taste. We'll let you be the judge, but the people of Twitter have voiced their feelings.

The Best “You’re going to Disney World!” Ad:

This category celebrates the best in Super Bowl XLIX advertising.
Winner: Always, "#LikeAGirl"

The #LikeAGirl ad by Always is our favorite of the night. It's the epitome of powerful and inspiring advertising. The ad asks the question, "When did doing something 'like a girl' become an insult?" This ad challenges men, women, boys and girls alike. Guess what? Girls run fast, throw hard and fight tough.