Author Rank implementation expected in 2013

Author Rank implementation expected in 2013

Content Writer: Matt Rowe Matt Rowe Chief Technical Officer

Local search marketers need to prepare their SEO strategies for 2013, and they may want to start by familiarizing themselves with Google's new Author Rank tool, which has the potential to affect page rankings.

Author Rank, which is expected to be fully implemented at some point in 2013, changes how results are displayed in Google's search engine. Rather than basing rankings solely off of proper SEO tactics, Author Rank will also take a writer's authority on a given topic into account when displaying search results.

This has the potential to help small-business owners achieve better rankings, therefore gaining more web traffic and encouraging more customers to try a product or service.

If you want to benefit from Author Rank and be considered an authority on the subjects you often blog about, you will first need to ensure they are using SEO best practices, such as keyword implementation, smart linking strategies and consistently posting content. You will then need to increase your social presence, especially on Google Plus. Your profile on this platform will link with your written content, and the more you blog, the more authority you will have, potentially increasing your rankings and business.