Boost SEO results with great PR

Boost SEO results with great PR

Content Writer: Matt Rowe Matt Rowe Chief Technical Officer

Even though SEO is an important component of your local search marketing, it's not the only one. Don't forget about the importance of great public relations - effective PR can improve your brand's image and bring your SEO strategy to the next level. You want customers lined up outside your door, so it's important to have more than one way to get their attention.

If you've got separate teams working on your SEO and PR efforts, it's time for them to join forces. They can work well separately, but by strategizing together, they can be even more effective and increase awareness of your business. By working together, both teams will ensure your marketing efforts are consistent and complement each other.

If your PR team is conscious of the important keywords your SEO experts are using, they can work them into their public relations strategies. Similarly, the SEO department can let the PR pros know what competitors that use the same keywords are publishing lately.

Making your teams work together means their strategies will work better for your company. From press releases to blog content and Facebook posts, your marketing and public relations efforts need to keep their efforts aligned in order to give your business the best exposure possible.

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