Can language barriers impact your SEO?

Can language barriers impact your SEO?

Content Writer: Matt Rowe Matt Rowe Chief Technical Officer

You've probably spent some time considering your website's local search marketing and SEO strategies. It's likely you've carefully chosen keywords, decided where to place them and made sure your content was interesting to audiences. But if your content is only relevant to English-speakers, someone conducting a search in Spanish or German likely won't be able to find your site.

As the world becomes an increasingly diverse place, it's important to be accessible to those of all backgrounds. There are probably people who speak languages other than English in your community, and you don't want to keep them away from your business by not making it easily searchable in other languages.

Keep up with the competition and consider having pages of your site available in different languages, particularly if there is a large ethnic community in your city. Don't miss out on a potentially large market, especially if your local competition offers websites in languages besides English that are commonly used in your area. If you have an employee, freelancer or service translate some of your content, you may have the potential to up your local search results for those typing in keywords in a different language.

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