Can WordPress improve your SEO?

Can WordPress improve your SEO?

Content Writer: Matt Rowe Matt Rowe Chief Technical Officer

Improving your SEO means increasing your chances of rising up Google's search engine results pages and being noticed by more searchers. There's no doubt that most companies strive to improve their SEO, but there are still a good many who don't know how to do it.

Sonam Lama, CEO of Achieve Visibility, offers a few free tricks site owners can perform to better their chances of moving up, Mashable reports.

One aspect that webmasters may not know is that of all the content management systems out there, WordPress is the best when it comes to SEO. Matt Cutts, Google's spam chief, notes that WordPress handles about 80 percent of the mechanics of SEO itself, which is extremely useful for first-time website owners or bloggers, BlogZone points out.

"Optimizing your site using WordPress, instead of the outdated website platforms which most local businesses use, will help your optimization efforts," Lama adds, as quoted by Mashable.

One way to improve your SEO even further on WordPress is to consider plugins, such as WP SEO By Yoast, which BlogZone explains is one of the best SEO-based plugins created thus far in 2012. Features include xml sitemap, webmaster tools verifications, RSS optimization, social integration, breadcrumbs, page analysis, rich snippets and more.

The snippet preview feature allows you to view a rendering of what your page or post will look like in search results. Also, the page analysis feature checks if images in your posts have alt tags, if the length of the post is OK and if meta descriptions and subheadings have been written. Installing this eliminates the need to install other plugins that may perform only one of these many tasks.

Beyond choosing the best CMS, Lama also suggests doing some keyword research and picking the best three you feel people would be apt to search for when in need of your product or service, Mashable reports.

Next comes optimization.

"Once you've identified those highly searched keywords, sprinkle them onto your site and spread them around in various places," said Lama, as quoted by the media outlet. "You don't want to stuff them everywhere, though, since this will be considered 'spamming' by Google."

Finally, getting listed on Google Places is seen as a necessity these days, especially because of the rise of local search on both desktop and mobile devices. Add in your company's basic information, but try to be as detailed as possible in each section. 

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