Duplicate copy and SEO

If your local search strategy involves filling your pages with duplicate copy, you're asking for trouble. While it may have worked in the past, it's not a technique that will get you very far in the SEO world these days. You'll struggle to reach top-rankings if you're using this technique, and it will be more effective to fill your website with fresh, original content than to keep using duplicate copy.

Is your site using duplicate content?
There are multiple kinds of duplicate content that may be hurting your search rankings. One of the main types of this SEO-killing technique is using the same copy in several areas on your website. Don't repeat blog posts on two different pages and make sure your article titles are always unique - avoid self-plagiarism at all costs to keep from accidentally creating duplicate content and suffering Google penalties. Even if you're not reposting the same sentences, you could still be guilty of using duplicate copy and hurting your own rankings - Business 2 Community reported that even headers, footers, meta titles and meta descriptions can count as duplicate copy and kill your local search efforts.

Even if you aren't using the same content on multiple pages of your website, you could still be penalized for Google for using duplicate content. If you've lifted copy from other websites and posted it on your own, you're definitely using duplicate content, and you should replace it with fresh, new copy as soon as possible to increase your search results. It's also possible that other websites out there have taken your unique, original content and posted it on their own websites - if so, both websites will be punished. If you've found someone using your content, it's time to revise yours to boost your search rankings once again.

Duplicate content hurts your SEO
Search engines are constantly undergoing updates, and they're designed to weed out duplicate copy results. When you're using the same copy on multiple pages, your rankings can be decreased, and when you try to get around the system, you may very well be banned. Search engines are important to your business success, and it's not worth the hassle or risk to try to trick them. It's easier and much more SEO-friendly to make sure your pages are continually updated with unique, informative content to engage readers.

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