Foursquare revolutionizes local searches

Foursquare revolutionizes local searches

Content Writer: Matt Rowe Matt Rowe Chief Technical Officer

If your business isn't using Foursquare, it's time to jump on the bandwagon to improve your local SEO. The company redesigned its app recently, and the new features may be exactly what your business needs to get more customers through the door.

Can an app help your company?
Foursquare is a free app for smartphones, and people who download it can use the tool to "check in" at local businesses. Users can let their friends know when they're browsing records at a music store, sipping lattes at a local cafe, enjoying drinks before seeing a band at a bar downtown or trying pizza at a new Italian restaurant.

You can encourage Foursquare users to head over to your business, too. Try offering a deal no one can resist - after all, everyone loves to save money. If you're on Foursquare, you can offer special coupons or incentives to users and give them another reason to try out your great products.

Sharing works for your business
Once someone has checked in at your location, their followers will be able to see that their acquaintance has frequented your business. They can provide reviews, photos or comments, encouraging their friends to try out your services. Users can also keep track of locations they've visited and enjoyed, which may bring them back to your business in the future.

One great aspect of Foursquare is that other app users aren't the only ones to see if a customer checks in at your business. The app lets its users share their check-in information on their Twitter and Facebook profiles. What does that mean for you? It means more people will see that their friends and followers have been frequenting your location.

Great for local searches
Foursquare is useful even if users aren't checking in at your location. Whether users are locals or tourists, the app makes it easy for them to find your business. Instead of scouring search engines for local sushi restaurants or used bookstores, users can simply open their Foursquare app and find similar businesses within close proximity. It even includes a map, showing interested customers exactly how to find you. Users can even find you if they're not currently in the vicinity. A suburban user looking for a new bar in the big city can still use Foursquare to help him find the ideal place.

With this app's ability to spread the word about your business, your local search optimization strategy should include Foursquare.

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