Google wants webmasters to cut black hat SEO techniques

Google wants webmasters to cut black hat SEO techniques

Content Writer: Matt Rowe Matt Rowe Chief Technical Officer

Increasing your local SEO takes time, and those who are impatient sometimes to resort to black hat tactics. These frowned-upon techniques may not have the effect you had hoped for, and what's worse, they can get you into serious trouble with Google - something you definitely want to avoid if you want more people to find your business on the web.

Search Engine Land recently posted an article regarding a video released by Google's head of search spam, Matt Cutts. In the video, the Google employee reveals that 90 percent of messages sent to site operators via Google Webmaster Tools are in regard to black hat techniques. A mere 3 percent of the messages are related to unnatural links.

This video highlights the importance of using approved SEO tactics to increase your local search results. You should always avoid buying links, keyword stuffing, using hidden text and plagiarizing content to keep from getting a message about your techniques from Google Webmaster Tools. Instead, focus on using strong keywords, posting content regularly and building strong links. By keeping up with these strategies, you'll be able to avoid any trouble with Google and boost your rankings.

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