Holiday SEO a must for businesses

Holiday SEO a must for businesses

Content Writer: Matt Rowe Matt Rowe Chief Technical Officer

You may think that because your local search strategies have worked well in the past, the same practices will be ideal forever; however, that's definitely not the case. Even if you've seen your SEO results stay relatively consistent for the past several months - or even years - that's no guarantee that you'll rank high in searches in the coming months. With winter just around the corner, you're likely getting started on your holiday marketing. While you're working on new campaigns, it may be time to update your SEO strategies and ensure you'll get the best search results during the holiday season.

SEO research critical
To get the most out of holiday searches, you'll need to make sure your pages are friendly to the latest search terms. Look over your statistics from last winter to see what your top-performing keywords were and start using them in full-force. Were there any search terms that resulted in the highest number of sales? If so, make sure you put a priority on using those words in your blog posts, website content and on social media websites.

Don't rely solely on your past performance for tips on keywords, though. You can also take advantage of Google Insights and Google Trends to see which keywords are getting the most attention and determine if you're missing some important terms that could result in extra sales.

Content is still key
You need to pay attention to the quality of content your staff is putting out there - especially during the holiday season. Remember, this is the season to be jolly, and your content needs to be full of holiday spirit. Even if you're swamped with extra work, take the time to make sure all of your online content contains updated, interesting and fun information.

If you're looking to post more than what you typically do, try highlighting special gift ideas in your posts. Many shoppers seek gifts online to save time and avoid long lines in stores, and this could be the ideal opportunity to boost your online sales. After you look over popular search trends and keywords, work them into your posts and give visitors inspiration for gifts based on what your company has to offer.

Even though we're quickly approaching a busy time of year, there's no excuse not to increase your holiday SEO efforts. After all, just a few minutes spent researching and implementing new keywords could result in increased holiday sales.

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