How you can use social media to promote your blog

How you can use social media to promote your blog

Content Writer: Matt Rowe Matt Rowe Chief Technical Officer

Your blog is an important part of your local internet marketing strategy, and you want to promote it as much as possible. How can you increase the number of visitors you're getting? One way to drive traffic is to promote your blog through your social networking profiles. Potential customers are engaged on social media sites, and if they're interacting with your brand on the web, you can push them to your blog to increase awareness.

Great reviews
Because promoting your own blog too strongly may seem a bit like shameless self-promotion, you'll need to keep your efforts a bit more subdued. Has a client or reader told you that your blog content has helped them in some way? If so, ask them to post a review or comment about it on their social media profiles. Seeing that others find your blog informative and worthwhile will encourage others to visit.

The best way to gather unsolicited reviews is by posting great blog content. Make sure your posts are regularly updated, interesting and informative. The better your posts are, the more likely someone is to mention them on a social media website.

Use other blogs
It may seem counterintuitive to praise a blog other than your own and link to it on your social media profiles. However, this tactic can actually be mutually beneficial. Build relationships with others in your industry and praise their blogs. Chances are, they'll notice you've liked their content and may give you a similar mention.

If you see that another blogger or industry professional has posted a positive comment or link to your blog on a social media site, take the time to learn more about them. See if you can work together to promote each other's blogs.

Post when you've published new content
Each time you post new content to your blog, make sure to note it and link to the piece on your social media profiles. Readers may not be frequenting your blog because they don't know you've published fresh new material. Promote your new articles, and be sure to include a link to the piece so followers can immediately click and be taken to your blog. Not including a link may result in customers not taking the time to find your blog later, and your page needs all the traffic it can get for optimal local search marketing.

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