Increase links with guest blogging

Increase links with guest blogging

Content Writer: Matt Rowe Matt Rowe Chief Technical Officer

If you've started a business blog to increase your company's local SEO, you're on the right track to standing out on the web. However, if you're not using the right techniques, you may be missing out on more clicks and better search engine results.

To make a blog stand out, it needs to have unique content, keyword-rich posts and lots of links. While you're probably already working on the blog content with these techniques in mind, it can be helpful to increase them with guest blogging. Guest blogging for another website or accepting posts by other industry professionals can be a great way to help increase SEO and build web presence.

The positives of linking
Guest blogging is notable for a major reason: its link-building capabilities. Industry experts posting on other websites often link back to their own, which gives both sites a boost. Regularly accepting guest posts or providing articles to other websites allows a business blog to build up a strong number of links that will help it rank more highly in local search results. Blogs which publish guest posts may also link to the articles on social media websites, further increasing the visibility of the content and pushing readers to your page.

Guest writers may also have loyal readers who track down everything that an author has written, meaning a page can get more traffic just by posting and publicizing the work of a new poster. After taking the time to read their favorite blogger's piece, site visitors can have a chance to read the rest of your blog, and (if it's to their liking) become loyal followers.

Building a great relationship with other bloggers can also be an excellent way to stay on top of the latest industry news and produce the most relevant and interesting blog posts possible, further increasing your SEO.

Stay cautious
Offering to be a guest blogger for other sites and accepting pieces from other writers on your own site has benefits. However, it's also important to be careful in order to keep your local search results strong. If you're accepting posts from low-quality websites and linking back to them, this could reflect negatively on your SEO. This also applies if you agree to blog for such a site and allow it to link back to your page. Be picky with your links. After all, they're essential to keeping your SEO strong.

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