Increase readership with blogging best practices

Increase readership with blogging best practices

Content Writer: Matt Rowe Matt Rowe Chief Technical Officer

Your blog is an essential component of your local search marketing that absolutely can't be neglected. However, you may be at a loss for how to increase readership and more actively engage the readers you currently have. While keyword implementation, regular posts and unique content are all important, you may need to add some new techniques to ensure your blog is getting even more attention.

Be interesting
If you're blogging just for the sake of using keywords and increasing your SEO, you may want to reconsider your content. Posts need to be interesting and informative, or readers likely won't bother returning to your blog. Every time you write a post, consider its value to readers and ask yourself if this is a piece you personally would find helpful or engaging. If not, you may want to rewrite or ditch the piece entirely.

Get personal
Readers often like a personal touch, so don't be afraid to use real-life examples or your own thoughts about a topic or industry. Don't shy away from putting up a short biography about yourself or history of your company so followers know exactly what your business does. Letting your readers know what you like and giving them insight into your expertise may help them to develop a stronger connection with your blog and ensure they keep coming back to check out your latest posts.

Make it easy to read
No one wants to struggle through uninteresting, complex content filled with industry words they don't understand, so it's essential to make your blog posts easy to digest. Simplify things for readers who may not understand industry jargon, and make sure your thoughts are clearly organized. Before you start writing, develop an outline to ensure you'll make each one of your points clearly and avoid jumping from topics without a smooth transition.

Looks matter
If you're hoping to keep people as interested and involved in your blog as possible, it helps to put some effort into the design of your site. Add photos or videos to give viewers something to look at, and if possible, use diagrams or charts to help convey statistics or numbers. If you're writing longer pieces, it may help to break up the content with sub headings, bullet points or numbered lists to keep readers from getting overwhelmed by too much copy.

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