Increasing local SEO with Google Plus Local

Increasing local SEO with Google Plus Local

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More business owners are getting involved with Google Plus Local, as it can be a powerful marketing tool for companies looking to expand their local search marketing. However, some entrepreneurs have strayed away from this tool, because they may not be entirely sure of how to best use it for their business. Thankfully for business owners, Google Plus Local is fairly simple to get started with and can provide a company with a great opportunity to increase local search results.

The benefits of Google Plus Local
Plenty of people conduct local web searches to find businesses rather than digging through outdated phone books, so it's essential to have a strong presence online. By using Google Plus Local, a business can increase its visibility on the internet and increase the chances it will be discovered by consumers conducting a local search.

Many Google Plus users take advantage of the networking website to search for local businesses. When a user tries to find a used bookstore in Chicago or Italian restaurant in San Francisco using the Google Plus Local search, only businesses that have active profiles will show up. This means that if your company doesn't have a page, it won't show up in searches conducted via Google Plus Local.

According to Search Engine Watch, Google can determine if a searcher is seeking a local business and ensure Google Plus Local pages are featured in search results - typically toward the top of the page. Because of this results display, businesses with Google Plus Local profiles may find themselves in a prime spot on search results pages, giving them an edge over the competition.

Making it work for your business
The benefits of creating a Google Plus Local profile are apparent, and it can serve a business well to create a page. Companies can do several things with their pages to encourage new customers try out their services. Current loyal customers should be encouraged to review a business on Google Plus Local to provide on-the-fence searchers with more helpful information. Businesses can also upload photos to their profiles to provide searchers with enticing visuals that add interest to a page and allow potential customers to connect with a company before they ever enter its doors. Those who want to really invest in their Google Plus Local page and don't mind paying for an additional service can even offer viewers the opportunity to virtually tour their locations with the Google Business Photos feature. This allows businesses to show off any unique or particularly interesting interior features, but it isn't a necessary component of a basic Google Plus Local page.

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