Linking strategies to avoid

Linking strategies to avoid

Content Writer: Matt Rowe Matt Rowe Chief Technical Officer

When you want to increase your local SEO, it's important to engage in positive linking strategies. With all the recent Google updates, you may be wondering if your old link-building tactics are outdated or even pushing down your previously high search engine rankings. It's critical to be aware of what practices are frowned upon so you can avoid them and spend your time practicing link-building strategies that will work for your local search optimization.

Purchasing links
Purchasing links has always been a black-hat tactic frowned upon by those who engage in legitimate linking strategies. Purchased links can seem spammy to consumers who see them and diminish a potential consumer's view of your company. Rather than taking the time necessary to set up a link purchase, why not engage in a legitimate strategy that will give you more for your money?

Link exchanges
If you're involved in a link exchange, you may not even realize this strategy could jeopardize your SEO tactics. However, if you're trading links with another site just to increase the number you have on the web, you may find that this process is detrimental to your SEO strategy. When you build your links naturally, they make more sense and have more value than those received through an exchange.

Forums and social media links
While posting on social media and forums can be helpful in attracting new prospects, using them solely for link-building purposes is a sure way to make your posts seem spammy and unappealing to consumers. Rather than posting thousands of links on popular social sites and forums, use them thoughtfully to connect with important businesses or individuals in your industry and you can reap more of a benefit.

Low-quality posts
If you're throwing together guest posts and press releases just to get them on any old site for the link value, you'll want to rethink this process. While low-ranking sites may accept these postings, it's more worthwhile to spend more time on the content and get it published on more reputable websites. Not only will you seem like more of an authority, your company could get a boost from the higher-quality content, and you may gather even more clicks if the website is one frequently checked by industry leaders or potential customers.

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