Make blog posts share-friendly

Make blog posts share-friendly

Content Writer: Matt Rowe Matt Rowe Chief Technical Officer

Business owners want as many people as possible to be actively engaged with their companies on the web - therefore, not having a presence on social media is no longer an option. Many people may discover a company's blog or website by conducting a local search, but others may find a business through shared social media links and posts.

Entrepreneurs who believe this doesn't have an impact on their company may need to think again. Not only do those active on social networking sites frequently click through to view posts shared by friends, a company's search rankings are also dependent upon inbound links and social media shares. This means business owners need to create the most relevant, interesting content possible to encourage readers to repost and share with friends.

Make it informative
Readers aren't likely to share a piece that isn't interesting, informative, relevant to current events or witty. When writing blog posts, a business owner needs to keep in mind that they'll need to do more than merely entertain a reader - they will need to engage and interest them to the point that the reader will feel compelled to share the content on Facebook or Twitter. Whether readers are engaged through the use of clever writing, unique stances on a relevant issue or fascinating statistics, it's critical to keep them interested in the post.

Make it mobile-friendly
Many people browse social networking websites on their smartphones and tablets, meaning it's entirely possible they'll click through a shared post on a device other than a PC. Therefore, it's important to ensure a business blog page is mobile-friendly and will allow for easy reading on a smaller screen. Posts that are difficult to read and don't format correctly on smartphones may cause a user to become frustrated and leave the page without ever reading the blog post. The same thing goes for webpage speed - mobile users expect sites to load quickly, and if a blog post takes quite some time to show up, a potential reader may give up.

Make it easy to share
Most importantly, an interesting blog post should be easy for a fascinated reader to share with friends on the web. Including links that allow readers to easily post a link on their social media profiles that will lead new readers to a blog post is key. It can help a business blog gain new readers and, potentially, new customers.

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