Making the most of your business blog

Making the most of your business blog

Content Writer: Matt Rowe Matt Rowe Chief Technical Officer

You probably already know that having a business blog is essential to your local SEO, but do you know which strategies you ought to be using? A company blog is an excellent way to drive customer interest and engagement, but if you don't know the best ways to get people reading your blog, you're missing out on plenty of potential business.

Even though you may be aware of the main steps to creating and maintaining a successful blog - posting unique content regularly, using keywords in your posts and keeping up great links - but when you aren't sure exactly how to implement these strategies, you may not be using them to their full potential.

Posts that get attention
It's possible to write content on a regular basis but still have a negligible number of readers. If you already try to create interesting blog posts with eye-catching headlines, you're headed in the right direction. Your presence on the web is critical to your business success, and you need as many people as possible to see your interesting blog content.

If you're struggling to get as many views as you'd like or build steady readership numbers, consider changing up what sort of content you're posting. If you're already providing the latest industry news or business developments, try mixing things up a bit. Post a few articles with a tie-in to pop culture or major world events to grab readers who may be searching for something else, but could benefit from your blog. Plus, you'll stand out as memorable - you may be the only local business owner working entertainment news into your blog posts.

There are other posts that can get attention besides those that generate interest from the latest world happenings. Try writing list posts or how-to articles that will be relevant for a while and that people can refer back to if necessary. You can also work humor or outrageous statements into your titles to interest readers.

Using keywords
Adding keywords to your site sounds simple enough, but it can get tricky and seem awkward if not done carefully. It's great if you can work important search terms into your titles, but it's not always necessary if the word doesn't fit. The same thing goes for placing keywords in your blog posts - the reader shouldn't notice those terms. They should flow smoothly with the blog content for optimal response. After all, your readers don't want a post that's optimized for SEO - they're coming to you for information and expertise, and you can jeopardize your reputation with awkwardly placed keywords and clumsy blog content.

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