Optimize your local SEO with title tags in 2013

Optimize your local SEO with title tags in 2013

Content Writer: Matt Rowe Matt Rowe Chief Technical Officer

Many business owners forget to optimize tags when writing content to enhance their local internet marketing. However, taking a moment to pay close attention to these tools can prove to be an effective SEO strategy. A team should always pay close attention to its tags, or the elements that provide information about what a website contains. This is part of what search engines use to determine how you'll rank in queries and what searchers will see when they're scrolling through results.

Your title tag, which appears at the top of your site, explains to potential customers what your business is or what information your site will give them. Having a good title tag can make or break your page and either draw visitors in or deter them from clicking your link in a search engine.

When writing your tags, you'll need to pay careful attention and ensure they're perfectly optimized for SEO. You don't want them to be too lengthy or too short, so aim to keep tags concise but informative. You'll also want to be be sure to use some valuable keywords as close to the beginning of the sentence as possible, but don't stuff awkward-sounding terms into the tag. Doing so can seem spammy and keep visitors from checking out your website.

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