Optimize your mobile site for searches

Optimize your mobile site for searches

Content Writer: Matt Rowe Matt Rowe Chief Technical Officer

With more people using smartphones these days, its increasingly important to have a mobile-friendly website and web presence. If your business doesn't have a mobile website and doesn't plan on creating one, this could put you behind the curve and force you to lose customers who are already engaging in local search marketing with your competitors' mobile sites.

Mobile SEO doesn't have to be drastically different from the techniques you use on your desktop website. Use keywords in blog posts, titles and image tags, and don't forget to include links to sites people often visit on their mobile devices - Yelp, Foursquare and Facebook. You wouldn't fail to implement these strategies with your regular SEO, and there's no reason to ignore them when it comes to mobile.

What else is important to mobile searchers? For many, it's all about location. Because many searchers are on-the-go and looking for a business while completing other tasks, they need to know quickly if a company is located nearby. When you take advantage of geographical tools, such as Google Maps, you'll easily be able to show potential consumers how convenient your location is. Whether you're displaying a map on your mobile page or linking to your location on Google Maps, this element is key to attracting busy mobile users.

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