Patent filing reveals Google SEO techniques

Patent filing reveals Google SEO techniques

Content Writer: Matt Rowe Matt Rowe Chief Technical Officer

Every business wondering how to boost their local search marketing keeps an eye on Google updates to ensure SEO is optimized. When a Google patent was unearthed in recent weeks, local SEO experts went over it carefully to determine what it would mean for their businesses.

Google has typically kept its ranking factors rather cryptic; however, the discovery of this patent has made some new developments more clear to SEO experts and local businesses. It will change the way companies should handle their pages for optimal SEO results.

Whenever Google makes a change in its ranking systems, businesses hope to benefit and quickly make adjustments to their websites to improve their rankings. But if the new rankings system is put into place, modifying a page's content to boost rankings would penalize a page rather than help it.

While altering keywords, adding new headings and adding new search terms was once the answer to refresh old pages with low rankings, though this may not be the case for much longer. If these strategies are implemented, changing a page to increase its SEO will only lower its rankings.

If Google chooses to implement this new technology, the world of SEO will need to rethink its strategies. High-ranking pages will need to consider new techniques to keep their local SEO optimized.

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