Properly handling the guest-posting process

Properly handling the guest-posting process

Content Writer: Matt Rowe Matt Rowe Chief Technical Officer

Providing a guest post on an influencer's blog in your niche can act as an excellent way to strengthen your brand, according to Search Engine Watch.

There may be situations in which influencers may be in a squeeze and need a high-quality source of content for their blogs or sites. Gaining permission to provide a post will likely get your blog recognized and may create a positive ripple effect.

In order to find the most influential blogs to guest post on, the news source suggests Google searching terms in your market space with "news," "announcement" or "tips." You can also add the phrase "guest post" in quotes to find sites that have accepted such posts in the past.

However, the process is not over once you find a prominent blog. Be sure to have an article in mind that can provide something of value to the blog's site. Also, don't write the article prior to contacting bloggers, as this may seem desperate.

When attempting to make contact with an influencer, keep emails short and respectful. The blog for writer Jeff Goins adds that being courteous is key - say "please" and "thank you" and try not to be too pushy - don't act like your entitled to write on someone else's site. 

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