Report shows local search expanding

Report shows local search expanding

Content Writer: Matt Rowe Matt Rowe Chief Technical Officer

A new report from search giant revealed that local search continues to grow and remain an important part of any company's online marketing strategy. The report studied more than 2.2 billion local searches conducted throughout the year and determined what changes and trends currently impact businesses that depend on SEO tactics.

Local search getting bigger, more mobile
Data from the report indicates that local searches have grown enormously in the past year, and users are making nearly 350,000 more local searches per day than they were in the past year. This large number indicates that hesitant business owners can no longer ignore this marketing strategy and should take the time to get started on SEO tactics.

Search isn't just getting bigger - it's also becoming more mobile, thanks to the prevalence of smartphones and tablets. The report revealed that mobile devices now make up 30 percent of searches on the website.

Working with these changes
The data from this report indicates that some business owners may need to make changes to their local SEO strategies in order to ensure they are as effective as possible and catch the attention of potential new customers.

As the report shows how quickly local search is increasing, it would be beneficial for companies not yet involved with the marketing strategy to begin engaging in tactics that will boost their web presence and increase search engine rankings. By using strong keywords properly, learning proper linking practices, writing new content consistently and being present on social media, a company can increase its presence for consumers conducting local searches.

While many business owners may shy away from new technology, it can truly have an enormous benefit for them. Companies avoiding mobile-friendly tactics should take the time to realize the potential benefit a mobile site can give their business and recognize that smartphone users can often have trouble navigating and getting information from a site designed solely for desktop users.

It was also revealed that searches vary drastically depending on the season. This could mean that business owners practicing good SEO strategies but not achieving ideal rankings may want to delve into the idea of changing up keywords seasonally. However, it's always a good idea for entrepreneurs to consult local search optimization experts before making such a decision on their own.

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