Supplement SEO with guest blogging

Supplement SEO with guest blogging

Content Writer: Matt Rowe Matt Rowe Chief Technical Officer

You're probably trying every technique possible to ensure your local search marketing is effective. If you're already implementing SEO techniques such as writing original pieces, posting interesting content and including vital keywords in your copy, you're probably already well on your way to creating a website that is easily found in local searches. But if you feel like your content needs something extra to spice it up and increase rankings, you may want to consider guest blogging.

The benefit of guest blogging
You may think guest blogging is just a time-waster and can't possibly improve your rankings. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Guest blogging for other websites is a great way to increase traffic on your own site, and it's fairly easy to start this strategy.

Begin by developing relationships with other bloggers who are in the same or a related niche as your business. You can post articles on their blogs and include a link so readers can be taken to your blog, increasing the number of views on your site. When you're writing content for other websites, follow the same rules as if you were writing for your own blog. Keep the content fresh, interesting and keyword-rich.

Accepting guest bloggers
Once you've developed great relationships with others in your niche and are posting on their blogs as an industry expert, you can turn the tables and make this strategy work the other way. You can begin accepting guest blog posts on your own website, which may increase traffic by attracting your guest poster's regular followers.

Guest posters may also provide you with exceptionally creative, useful, SEO-rich content. A friend in a similar industry may have an interesting take on a current issue that makes for great blog content. You may be surprised as to what your posters can come up with to keep audiences engaged.

Not an SEO replacement
Guest blogging may not be for everyone, and that's perfectly acceptable. If you have enough trouble writing your own blog, it can be tricky and nerve-wracking to post for someone else. Remember that you're not just writing an article - you also need to make sure you're using the best SEO techniques to increase traffic. Stick to keeping your posts for your own website until you feel more comfortable utilizing SEO techniques for someone else's.

Guest blogging is a great strategy to build additional traffic and be recognized as an expert in your industry. But remember that this is not a replacement for consistently implementing strong SEO techniques.

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