The relationship between Siri and local search

The relationship between Siri and local search

Content Writer: Matt Rowe Matt Rowe Chief Technical Officer

iPhones have become one of the hottest technological gadgets on the market, and many use them to take advantage of the advanced device features. One feature that plenty of iPhone users especially enjoy is Siri, a voice-recognition assistant that can understand commands, answer questions and make suggestions. While people still continue to conduct local searches on their mobile phones, using Siri can change the way iPhone users find local businesses. So what does this mean for your business and its local SEO?

Can Siri change the world of local search?
iPhone users who don't feel like conducting a search on their own can now ask Siri to do their local searching for them. For example, instead of typing the phrase "Ice cream in Chicago" into a search engine, users can vocally ask Siri to recommend some ice cream parlors in Chicago. The system will then determine some results and provide users with a list of nearby businesses that fit the bill.

Some search marketers worry that with iPhone users asking Siri questions instead of typing keywords into search engines, they'll miss out on valuable hits and potentially lose local business. However, it doesn't appear as though small businesses need to worry about the impact Siri has on their SEO just yet. Search Engine Land reported that even though 11 percent of iPhone 4S users use Siri to conduct searches, most prefer using traditional search engines. 

SEO tactics still important
Siri gives iPhone users the information they request, but how does the service gather its information on local businesses? It's likely compiled from several sources, but one major partner is Yelp. This means local businesses should be paying attention to their Yelp presence, and if entrepreneurs haven't already established a presence on the website, now is the time to get started and attempt to benefit from the Siri-Yelp connection.

Think traditional SEO is dead now that Siri is available to help mobile searches with their requests to find local businesses, restaurants and retailers? That's hardly the case, so it's important to keep up with the best local SEO strategies to stay on top of both traditional searches and Siri suggestions. By implementing optimal keyword placement, posting fresh content frequently and establishing a web presence, a business can benefit from both Siri users and those conducting Google, Bing or Yahoo local searches.

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