Tips for making videos SEO friendly

Tips for making videos SEO friendly

Content Writer: Matt Rowe Matt Rowe Chief Technical Officer

Because videos can assist your company's local search marketing strategy, it is important to make them a part of your SEO strategy. Using YouTube or even your own website to post videos can increase your presence in search engine results.

Because YouTube receives so many visitors, video views and new uploads a month, it is the ideal place to expand your video SEO strategy. However, this can also make it tricky for users to find your content among millions of videos. It may seem intimidating to expand into the video market, but with the right techniques, you can make video a highly effective SEO strategy for your business.

Remember the keywords
Just like written content, video SEO needs to be keyword rich for customers to find it. Start at the very beginning, and make sure there's a keyword or two in the filename of your video. Even though viewers won't see this, YouTube will take it into consideration when compiling search results.

After ensuring that your filename is SEO-friendly, take into consideration how you'll tag your video. Carefully determine which keywords to use in these tags, because your video may pop up when videos with similar tags are played. Take advantage of this, and make sure your keywords are relevant and timely.

Your title also needs to include a keyword to optimize your video's SEO. Keep it short, because a long title will be cut off by search engines. Don't neglect the video description, which should also feature a few keywords.

Great content is important
You wouldn't expect your potential customers to read a pointless blog post, so why would you expect them to watch a boring video? Make sure you're posting content that is engaging to viewers. Whether your video is humorous, educational or interesting, it should serve a purpose so viewers don't navigate away from the page before it's over.

You want YouTube users to watch your entire piece, so try to engage them with content they can't stop watching. Don't stop with a decent video - make sure viewers are engaged after the piece is over. Complete your video with a question or thought-provoking information, so users can comment below your video. To further viewer engagement, be sure to post links to your video on your social networking profiles, where followers can make additional comments and easily find your video.

Engagement is a good thing - the more comments and views you receive, the better you'll rank in search results.

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