Web design can impact your SEO

Web design can impact your SEO

Content Writer: Matt Rowe Matt Rowe Chief Technical Officer

Not many business owners realize that their website's local search optimization can be affected by their page design. However, if you're worried your site isn't properly designed there is no reason to panic. It's fairly easy to determine if your pages are working to enhance - or diminish - your local SEO efforts.

Easy navigation
You probably know it's important to have an easy-to-navigate website to ensure your potential customers can easily find information about your company, services, location and hours. But did you also know that site navigation is a factor in your SEO success?

When putting together your website or conducting a redesign, make it as easy as possible for search crawlers to find your carefully implemented keywords. This will help ensure search engines recognize the content on your pages and are able to display it for those searching the web for local enterprises. Keep it easy for web searchers - and crawlers - to find your pages, and make sure no potential customer has to click through numerous links to access any page.

Optimize URLs
You may already be adding keywords to your heavily trafficked pages, but have you considered changing your site to add keywords to your most important page URLs? These URLs, which help potential customers navigate and can assist crawlers in determining what type of content you have on your site, are an overlooked portion of SEO success. Whenever possible, change your URLs to include your most popular keywords that accurately represent the content of the page.

Responsive design
With the popularity of mobile devices, you should already be considering responsive design pages. With the benefit these sites have for your SEO, it's even more important for you to get started on this big trend.

Responsive design websites allow pages to fit comfortably on PCs, tablets and smartphones - a necessity as mobile devices increase in popularity. Some business owners prefer to create a separate site for those visiting on mobile gadgets; however, this can result in duplicate content issues when potential consumers conduct searches on Google or Bing. By implementing a responsive design website, you won't need to worry about duplicate content or keeping up a separate mobile website, and you can rest assured that your local SEO will not be negatively affected.

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