What's the best content for your website?

What's the best content for your website?

Content Writer: Matt Rowe Matt Rowe Chief Technical Officer

When you're trying to gain attention via local search optimization, you probably know all about implementing keywords, linking practices and avoiding black hat techniques. However, you also want to make sure the content you post is engaging and informative to readers - if it's not, you run the risk of alienating readers and pushing them away from your services rather than drawing them in.

But what kind of content works to keep readers interested and coming back for more of the latest updates from your business? There are plenty of different types of content for you to post, and these can help boost reader engagement as well as increase your local SEO presence.

The latest news
Posting breaking stories and tying recent news into your posts can help increase interest in your blog and may increase its rankings in searches. If there's a popular news story you can work into your next blog post, don't shy away from doing so. However, to have a successful post on the latest news, it's important to be consistently looking for breaking stories you can use.

Keeping an eye out for popular stories doesn't mean you need to be reading the paper and watching the news all day. Instead, you can turn to social media to make the task a little easier. Check out trending Twitter topics, take a look at Facebook to see if any posts have gone viral and find a moment to determine what's hot on Google Plus. After you've posted your content that ties in the latest news, don't forget to publicize your new article on these social media platforms, as well.

Use data and studies
It's likely you keep up with industry trends and studies, and using industry data as part of your blog can help boost your SEO and prove your expertise in the field. Don't just repost statistics from industry journals and studies - explain to potential consumers why they matter and what impact this could have on the field. This can build your reputation and, if you work in keywords effectively, help increase your rankings.

Teach readers
Many people go to the web for information, and you want your blog to be of value to readers so they can establish a relationship with your brand and become a loyal consumer. If you provide helpful tips, how-to articles and lists filled with keywords, you may earn some new customers who have found your blog in search results.

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